Which websites to check

As a holder of a Dutch residence permit, it's essential to regularly check specific Dutch governmental websites. In this guide, we'll outline which sites to monitor and why it's crucial to do so.

1. Mijn.overheid.nl

This website is directly linked to the BRP system (Basisregistratie persoonsgegevens), which registers population data in the Netherlands. Unlike systems in common law countries, the BRP system is integral here. It's crucial to review your details on mijn.overheid.nl regularly.

What to check:

  • Current and previous addresses: Log in with your DigiD and navigate to "identiteit" then "bekijk persoonsgegevens" to view your address history. Ensure your address is registered as a residential address ("woonadres") and not a postal address ("briefadres"). Pay attention to any indication of "Registratie Niet Ingezetenen (RNI)" which implies you may be de-registered, potentially affecting your residency status.
  • Parents' names: Navigate to "familie" to ensure your parents' names are correctly registered. This information is crucial for naturalization applications.
  • Residence history: Under "nationaliteit" and "verblijfstitel," review your residence permit history for accuracy. Discrepancies may need further investigation, especially if your permit status is listed as "geen verblijfstitel (meer)."

2. Mijn.uwv.nl

This site is vital for highly skilled migrants and European Blue Card holders to monitor their salary payments. It's crucial to ensure timely and accurate payment to avoid issues with immigration authorities.

What to check:

  • Monthly salary details: Navigate to "persoonlijke gegevens" then "loongegevens controleren" to download a PDF reflecting your monthly salary details. Ensure your SV loon (socially insurable salary) aligns with your gross salary. Any discrepancies, especially if the SV salary is unreasonably low or missing, warrant investigation and discussion with your employer.

Regularly monitoring these websites is essential for maintaining compliance with Dutch immigration and nationality laws. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to seek legal advice.

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