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At Réunir we stand as your trusted guides through the intricate landscape of immigration law. Our vision is crystal clear: to ensure that every individual seeking our assistance receives nothing short of quality representation and fair fees.

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Luca Riok, the founder and principal legal counsel at our firm. With a resolute mission to foster positive change, Luca is dedicated to championing her clients' rights and interests at every turn of the legal journey.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, Luca specializes in a diverse array of areas, including family migration, navigating visa refusals, and providing adept guidance in regular immigration law matters.

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Becoming a Dutch citizen can be achieved through three avenues: naturalization, an option procedure, or by birth from a Dutch parent.

Navigating the Dutch Citizenship Act can be complex; the process and eligibility criteria vary for each individual case. Numerous rules and exceptions must be considered.

Our team of nationality desk lawyers have collected all useful information about immigration law in one spot. Click the link below to find out more.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it required to hire a legal representative?

You have the option to manage your application for a residence permit, Dutch citizenship, or legal disputes without hiring a lawyer; however, you have the right to appoint someone as your representative if you choose. Seeking legal expertise in these matters is a choice driven by your desires, not obligations.

In immigration and nationality law, the stakes are significant. Companies violating immigration regulations face harsh penalties, potential exclusion from future immigration opportunities, and damage to their reputation. For individuals, errors could lead to the loss of legal residency. These outcomes emphasize the importance of careful handling of your case.

Why is Réunir the best option?

A specialized law firm in immigration matters can navigate cases more efficiently compared to an office handling immigration cases alongside other legal areas. Immigration and nationality law involve intricate regulations, limitations, and exemptions. Moreover, these laws and practices continuously evolve due to court precedents and adjustments to regulations. Réunir, as a specialized firm in these domains, is deeply familiar with these laws, enabling them to leverage this expertise effectively, whereas a generalist practitioner may struggle to match their effectiveness.

Can I book a consultation call?

Yes, you can. We can be contacted through the contact form below or on 0403098090 and info@reunir.nl.

What are the costs involved?

The costs can vary based on what we help you with. We'll be able to give you an indication of the costs after our first consultation call.

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