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You can get a residence permit in the Netherlands if you have a purpose of stay.

This means that there are grounds for you to reside in the Netherlands. We can help you prove and argue these grounds.

Examples of purposes of stay are:

  • Stay with family or a relative
  • Education
  • Medical grounds
  • Highly skilled immigrant
  • Entrepreneur

The framework within an application for a residence permit is assessed by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) is strict. Many conditions apply. Moreover, the interest of the Dutch government plays a major role. Your own interests can get into the background as a result. We can help you navigate through all the rules and exceptions. You will be provided with advice that is in line with your situation and with legal assistance as from the start of your procedure.

If you receive a residence permit, conditions are attached to this. It is possible that you no longer meet these conditions. An example of this is that you have a residence permit because you have a Dutch partner, but the relationship with this partner has ended. In some cases you can apply for a different residence permit or, subject to certain conditions, you can obtain a permit that is no longer dependent on your partner. There are many situations in which your changed circumstances may affect your right of residence. Our lawyers are ready to provide you with sound advice. Please feel free to contact us. We will immediately take up your case. You can contact Réunir Legal Aid for the application, extension and change of your residence permit.

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Residence permit FAQ

Can I live in the Netherlands with a residence permit issued by another EU Member State?

To get a residence permit in the Netherlands, you always need a purpose of residence. This also applies if you already have a residence permit issued by Spain, for example. Depending on your nationality, you will still have to apply for a Dutch residence permit if you want to live in the Netherlands for a longer period of time.

My residence permit is expiring, but I have a permanent right to reside in the Netherlands. What should I do?

It is understandably confusing that your residence permit has an expiry date, while you have an indefinite right of residence. The card itself can expire, your right of residence does not expire. You can request a renewal of your pass. One of the jurists will help you with this free of charge.

Can I apply for family reunion with my residence permit?

The possibility of applying for family reunion indeed depends, among other things, on the type of residence permit you have. Because several factors play a role, we advise you to discuss with us which residence permit you have and whether it is possible to apply for family reunion.

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