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For all your questions about immigration law

Immigration law is in full development and covers many subjects. You can contact Réunir Legal Assistance for both general and specific questions.

Immigration law regulates, among other things, the conditions for admission and residence in the Netherlands. We can advise you on a variety of subjects within this area of law.

For example, you can ask us under what conditions you can work or do business in the Netherlands. The rules on working and doing business in the Netherlands are known for their strict assessment. Our jurists can explain to you which rules apply to your situation and assist you during the entire procedure.

You can also ask us for advice, If you want to apply for a residence permit for your relative(s), In some cases, different rules apply. For example, if you have the nationality of another EU Member State, or if you have recently lived in another EU Member State as a Dutch citizen. These circumstances may have more favorable consequences for your application. You can expect fitting advice from Réunir Legal Assistance.

For Turkish (family) immigrants and their family members who want to come to the Netherlands for long-term residence, other (more favorable) rules also apply than for regular immigrants from outside the European Union. This is due to the Association Agreement between Turkey and the European Union. However, recent changes have been made to these more flexible regulations. For example, Turks will be subject to an integration obligation from 1 January 2022, while this did not apply to them before. Our jurists stay well informed of developments, so that you are provided with up-to-date advice.

You can also contact us in the event of illegal residence. You can expect an integer approach from our office. Your interests are most important, together with an honest advice about the perspectives.

Do you have a legal question? Please contact us for more information.

Immigration law

Réunir Legal Assistance helps you with all your questions about visas and residence permits

Legal services FAQ

Why do I need a jurist?

It is important that those involved realize that the Immigration and Naturalization Service implements immigration policy in the Netherlands and is therefore specialized in immigration law. Those involved are usually not specialized in immigration law. Therefore, it is of great value to turn to a jurist if you start proceedings or if proceedings are initiated against you.

How long will my procedure take?

The duration of the procedure depends on the subject. Experience shows that immigration law procedures are often time-consuming. When applying for an mvv, the decision period is three months. The IND can extend this decision period if more time is needed.

What are the costs?

Some services are free of charge. For example, an application for the extension of your residence document. In many cases a fixed price agreement can be made. This amount depends on several factors, such as the complexity and size of your case. During the intake we will discuss whether a fixed price is possible. Inquire about the costs by contacting us. 

How do we deal with Covid-19 (Corona)?

We are doing our utmost not to let the pandemic slow down your case. In addition, we try to maintain contact as much as possible by email or telephone and we only work by appointment. In most cases it is more convenient to meet in person at the office. During an appointment we keep 1.5 meters distance.

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